logoCraig Stephens of Heromeup.com attended the Alberta College of Art and Design before becoming an independant artist and cartoonist for over 15 years. He has done illustration work for wide variety of media, inlcuding; video games, large trade show displays for the Calgary Stampede, magazine ads, story boarding, websites, and all matters inbetween.  

For the last five years, he has been doing "digital" caricatures for local charity events and corporate parties and functions, where a laptop and WACOM drawing tablet is brought in place of traditional pen and paper, and the results emailed out to party goers, giving them an unique keepsake from the event. 

Heromeup.com came about from a knowledge of these intial shows, plus the idea that online, a much wider variety of "templates" could be offered as it wouldnt have to be tailored to a specific event lead to the creation of this website.