Classic caricatures take a person's features and exaggerate them, turning them into a cartoon version of themselve.  Not everyone wants to see what they may consider thier "worst" features high-lighted. At Heromeup.com we turn you into your heroic "comicbook" self, the star of your very own genre graphic novel.


$15.00 for a single Digital Hero, male or female.
$25.00 for a duo, 2 Digital Heroes, male or female or combination therein.
$12.00 for the Character of the week.

Stay tuned for other specials and deals happening all the time!

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You get two copies of each Digital Hero you purchase.  The first one is already optimized for the web and is in the standard .jpg format, good for Macs, PC, or any Android or Apple tablet or phone. The second is a high resolution PDF, set up to be taken to any printer (or your own), to make your own hard copy.  It is formated to fit on a standard 8"X11" sheet of paper, but because of the high DPI it can be printed even larger.

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We don't do printing ourselves to cut down on the costs to you.  This way there is no hidden shipping and handling fees, the price you see is the price you pay.  The final Digital Heroes are emailed directly to the supplied email address you gave us when you ordered them.

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Maybe you have an idea for a Digital Hero, but don't see any currently avalible Characters that will work, or maybe you would like a drawing done in full colour. You could always commission Heromeup.com to do a unique custom order.  Custom ordering tends to be a bit more expensive, but if you send us an email of what you would like through the Custom Order form, we will send you back a quote, and will do our best to work within your budget!

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1. "Mouse over" the Character section. From there you will see a drop down menu of the different types of genres you can pick from. Click the one you want. 
2. Click from the newly presented options, wether you want a Single one for yourself, either male or female (If you want to cross dress, go nuts!), or a Duos for you and your spouse, family member or friend.
3. Select which Character you want from the ones presented. If you want to see a larger version of the thumbnail, click it to go to the details page. If you want and even larger picture than that, click it again to get it fullscreen. We are adding new characters all the time, so make sure to check back often!
4. Click add to cart. You can now either continue to shop and purose our other Characters, or proceed to checkout.
5. Once at the check out you will see the button to upload your face picture. You only have to do one per person. If for a duo Digital Hero, then you can have two, one per person. You don't need to be in the same picture fo the face source, but you can be, just make sure to follow the rules for taking the best picture, and not obscure each other too much! MAKE SURE TO PUT IN YOUR EMAIL. This is where the final Digital Hero will be sent!
6. Hit the next button to proceed to payment at Paypal, where you can either pay with your Paypal account, set up a new Paypal account, or pay directly with your credit card.

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We need your help to make sure you get the most out of your Digital Hero, and a good source picture of your face is key.  There are a few things you can do to ensure we get the best possible "you".
1. Make sure its a good close up of your entire head, clear of obstructions (not hats, hands, or anything else).  Any Digital Hero that requires a hat will be added by us.
2. Make sure it is a good quality picture.  You dont want something too tiney or too grainy.  A good standard to follow is your file size should be no lower than 180K, and no larger than about 1.5M.
3. Most Importantly- Have Fun with it! The more expressive you get, the happier you will be with the final product.  If your Character is you packing a huge kick-ass mini gun then your face should reflexct that- overly happy, a mean grimace - whatever you like.  There are no wrong answers.