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joe is a fantastic twist to the standard caricature. I Have had a few completed now (Freddy Krueger is my fav) and they never fail to impress. They are a staple for my social media profiles (always get a laugh!). I have found the site very easy to work with, and the customer service has been spot-on. Now if only I was actually as bad-ass as made me look!

loral is amazing! I got more than I was expecting when I described what my family and I were looking for. It took me off guard to see the likeness of myself as several requested carachters! They were done with great detail and the turn around time was unbelievable! Thank you heromeup for taking us away to the place only our imaginations have lead us! The perfect gift for friends! The way we want to see them! Much Gratitude, Loral Boylan


Thanks to for his fabulous rendition of me. His talents always exceed my expectations, making a very cool/sexy character I will show-off for years to come!




I have called upon several times to create caricatures of my nieces and nephews for special occasions, and just for fun. Each time I have been thrilled with the end result and the kids have been over the moon! So much fun for them and the perfect way to capture special moments and cherished memories.


My caricature by is amazing. He caught the glimmer in my eye and my smile perfectly! I love the image and would love to see more!

ben has done several drawings of my family and myself, and every one of them has been excellent. Our ability to select one of his many templates and his ability to render our likeness as that template have made some pieces that we are happy to hang in our home. We always wondered what we would look like as zombie hunters!

They are great conversation pieces and I intend to have more made for friends and family as gifts.

dani did a caricature of me as a Zombie Hunter and I must say that he did an absolutely fantastic job. Not only does it look like me, it is a completely badass version of me! I am more than pleased with how it turned out and I can’t wait to have him draw another one for me.

rachel's artwork graced me with the coolest likenesses of myself I have ever seen, and probably ever will! I'd like to think of myself as a bit of a bad-ass, but they actually made it happen, and turned me into several different gunslinging comic book characters, straight out of a major production! The detail and shadowing of my face is an incredible and seamless match to the unbelievably believable body styles he designed.


Hero me made me into a living cartoon! How cool is that? The feedback from the picture was so positive, I love it! Asta la vista Zoltan! I think I might get some done for my whole family as Christmas presents!